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nism," she told Xinhua.Blackmores saw its business in China surge from scratch five years ago to a vol

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ume accounting for 40 percent of its total business i▓n 2016. Its CEO Holgate attributed the growth

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to booming economic ties between the two countries and expected an even str▓onger growth followi

▓'s reassuring note about China's staunch

▓commitment to
free trade and stren▓gthened bilateral e

ng Li's visit."We are not a self-sufficient country, and a booming economic relationship with China is vital for us. If we lose that, moms and dads will lose

conomic ties▓
is cheering news to Australian busine

their j▓obs, and factories will collapse," ▓said Holgate.To further bilateral economic ties and bring about more benefits to the two peoples, the two sides agre▓ed to continue to implement the China-Austra

sses.China has been Austra
lia's largest trading partner for th

lia free trade agreement (FTA) and work hard to▓ usher in a new era of FTA-driven boom.The two countries will also enhance synergy between China's Belt and Road Initiative and Vis▓ion

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